Why I do what I do?

This is NOT a business, this is a hobby to keep me from going nuts from pain and health issues. I give away 80% of the items I make, and the money made goes back into buying supplies and postage, and paying rent on my shop at the flea market. My Scent Me Up shop at the Great American Flea Market is my happy place. It is where I can talk to People, sing(yes, I can sing, lol), make my goodies, store supplies, give away more goodies, and most important of all, i get to talk to people about Jesus. It's amazing how many people he has sent into the shop to talk about something that I've been praying about..


Great American Flea Market

1539 State Hwy AT, Union, MO 63084, USA

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Monday — Friday



10 AM — 3:00 PM


10 AM - 3 PM

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