Scent Me Up

Please Read the "Why I do what I do" at the bottom of the page.  

Try my Buggygobyebye scented Lotion.

Smells Great, NO DEET, most mosquitoes hate this scent.

Why I do what I do?

Hi, my name is Sandy and I own Scentmeup (smu). I would love to turn this into a huge business, but in all honesty, my health just won't let me.

I make unique air fresheners and more, it helps distract me from horrific pain and gives me an outlet to give back for the miracles that Jesus has given me. 

See, I don't make a profit with SMU.

I give away 80% of the items I make, the form of mailing prizes and gifts to folks and the hundreds of gift bags that i make and give away EVERYWHERE i go., Money made from sales and donations, pays for supplies to make more goodies to give away and pay for postage to mail out gifts and give someone a 

Smile for awhile, JESUS loves you...

I'm going to aim for turning that into a non profit org.. (idea just came to me, lol)

Scentmeup Locations

Sandy Amrein,

store owner


SMU Hobby Shed

Jenny ct, Cedar Hill, MO 63016

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10 am - 8 pm call or text first


10 AM — 6 PM call or text first